Course chain of survival CPR/Defib

The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and offers 1 hour of CPD credit


On successful completion of this course you will be able to print your own CPD accredited certificate via your courses home page.

Course covers the following:

Our ‘chain of survival course’ covers both CPR and AED, this fully mobile training module will help provide refresher training to all trainees who need to polish up on their skills or is ideal for anyone new wishing to learn these valuable skills.  The skills learned in this course will help you recognise cardiac arrest, how to deal with the casualty and how to use an AED.

Our mobile CPR/AED course is an ideal approach to offering a blended structure to your learning, and teaches information needed for CPR and AED training. Upon completion of the online portion, trainees looking to improve their skills should consider a hands-on session in order to enhance their knowledge and skills.  

Trainees have the convenience of completing the course at their own pace at work, home, or wherever Internet access is available
Can be used for initial or renewal training
Includes interactive exercises and videos to engage the trainee, along with periodic points to check progress and knowledge.
Certificate of completion available to print when the online portion has been completed successfully

After successfully completing this course, trainees will be able to

Target Audience

This course will prove valuable to ALL staff within any organisation as it provides in depth knowledge to help staff deal with life threatening emergency: It is always better to have multiple people who are CPR trained in a crisis. One person performing CPR can tire quickly. Two people switching off can provide CPR longer than a person working alone

Learning Objective

After successfully completing this course, trainees will be able to

Situations may arise when you come across someone whose breathing or heart has stopped. Immediate action with CPR is the most effective way to save that individual, as an ambulance may not arrive for minutes. Providing CPR could mean the difference between life and death for someone who's unconscious.

Course duration: 2 Hours if completing online videos.
Most of our courses have a seat time of approximately 45 to 60 mins; obviously the time to complete a course depends on each learner. All courses offer bookmarking in order for the trainee to take bite sized sessions if required… activate bookmarking simply exit the course and accept the bookmark on your return.

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